I Am Not Your Negro

As I waked in the Harlem Magic Johnson theatre excited to see I Am Not Your Negro I was greeted by an audience where majority of the faces that didn’t look like mine.  First, upset by the face that these people were possible here to find out “Why I Am Not Their Negro.” Second, thinking are the faces that do look like mine not interested? Or are they unaware of the cinematic prowess on its opening weekend? But nonetheless I sit and wait for my friends to arrive, the previews start and the opening scene to take the screen.

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The Impact of the Women’s March

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, millions of women, men and children marched in solidarity for the Women’s March here in America. Hundreds of thousands more joined them across the globe with marches in London, Paris, Melbourne and Antarctica to name a few. Many of these women in these countries are still fighting for some of the same rights. But on Saturday their solidarity said “We stand with you, America, in the fight against the division and injustice that’s happening at the wake of your new political restructuring.” Continue reading “The Impact of the Women’s March”