by. Chloe

Thursday marked one week since I decided to go vegan. My decision was mainly sparked by a documentary I watched on Netflix, What the Health. There were many compelling studies and facts which concluded that plant based diets are the best for humans. There were a few in particular that resonated with me. I won’t get into them here as I would want you to watch and make your own decision. This documentary coupled with one I watched a few years ago, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, convinced me it was time to make a change.

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Happy Birthday Daddy!


Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday! May this year be the year you catch the biggest fish you’ve ever caught, laugh more than you did the year before and may you be surrounded by abundant love! On this day I want to thank you for your part in being the woman I am today.

You taught me honesty. No matter the question, your answer has always been honest. You never tried to hide or shield anything from me. Even when I wanted you to say I’m right you can point out when I’m wrong. You’re one to listen first and answer objectively. At any age I could ask you about your life before I was born, aka the one before you became and upstanding citizen lol, and without hesitation you answered truthfully about what you’ve done, how you did, with who and where lol. You’ve always been honest with me and I thank you for that.

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Pantene Gold Series

A few weeks ago I was sent the Pantene Gold Series line from I thought they would have only sent a few products from the line but I got most of the line. After receiving it I tried it a few days later on a wash and go. I wanted to do a video highlighting a few of my favorite products from the line.


Moisture Boost Shampoo

Intense Hydrating Oil

Curl Defining Pudding


Original Wash n Go




Top H&M | Necklace Marrin Costello | Earrings H&M (similar)

Video created at the NYC Dubloft with dubSuite.

DoubleTree Travel Press Day

Lobby Resize 1
Doubletree by Hilton New York Times Square West


Last Tuesday I was invited to the Travle Press Event at the DoubleTree by Hilton New York Times Square. This beautiful 37 story hotel opened in February 2017. It’s located near Times Square in close proximity to the Broadway Theatre Distict, Javits Center and tons of shopping and restaurants.

The Travel Press Event featured brands and companies essential for traveling to any destinations: French Sole, BOGOBRUSH, JLEW bags and Ladaska Mechelle.

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This past weekend I have the pleasure of attending the in Residence. It was 4 days of mini discussion on topics from photography to floral arrangements. The location was beautiful home on the Upper Eastside and the event featured some amazing speakers and moderators with light bites and drinks in between. 

Each room was filled fashion, shoes and accessories for men and women. With personal shoppers ready to take any orders. I was in aww of every room and it’s carefully curated selections. The sequin dress pictured above had to be one of my favorites. I also fell in love with these Balenciaga boots pictured below. Upstairs they had a room solely dedicated to vacationing. Anything you may need for a beach getaway or a ski resort, they have you covered.

A Lesson in Florals

A Lesson in Florals with Nicolette Camille was an amazing class on building dynamic floral arrangements. The venue was filled with her beautiful arrangements from the time you stepped into the building, so I was excited to learn from Nicolette. We learned the importance of building a base for you to work from and about layering the color palette. 

Here are a few tips:

  1. Work on a lazy Susan so that you have a 360 degree view.
  2. Start with your larger branches and stems as the baseline. 
  3. Bring in your more neutral flowers as the foundation. 
  4. Decide where you want you palette to go and gradually add in the different tones. (Place flowers in twos and threes at varying heights to create depth.)
  5. Finish your arrangement with your pop flowers.
Our Mini Bouquet

    Day 2

    Top H&M | Skirt H&M | Heels Cathy Jean (Similar) | Bag Suncoo Paris (Similar)
    Day 3
    Jacket Perry Ellis | Pants H&M | Turtleneck H&M | Tights H&M | Heels Olivia (Similar) | Bag Vintage | Jewerly Vintage

    Happy Birthday Mommy

    Dear Mommy,

    Happy Birthday! May this 63rd year of life be the best one yet! On this day I want to thank you for always being there and instilling in me the values I carry with me each day.

    You have taught me strength. As a single mother and a woman that has been through her fair share of adversity, you always pushed through, put on a smile and made it happen. No matter what you faced you got up each day and made it happen for us. I still remember you coming home when I was in the 12th grade and telling me you got laid off. I immediately thought “OMG, we are going to be homeless.” Mainly because at the time I kept seeing this commercial where a dad lost his job and the family became homeless as a result of it. Despite my convoluted worries, we never went without, the lights never got cut off and you carried on each day as you had before. You never let me see you miss a beat.

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