A Taste of Summer

Raven Roberts Suncoo Paris

So this past weekend we had a taste of summer hit New York. I had to take advantage of the beautiful weather. With the weather being so all over the place I have to sneak in summer outfits when I can.  Continue reading “A Taste of Summer”


MatchesFashion.com In Residence

This past weekend I have the pleasure of attending the MatchesFashion.com in Residence. It was 4 days of mini discussion on topics from photography to floral arrangements. The location was beautiful home on the Upper Eastside and the event featured some amazing speakers and moderators with light bites and drinks in between. 

Each room was filled fashion, shoes and accessories for men and women. With personal shoppers ready to take any orders. I was in aww of every room and it’s carefully curated selections. The sequin dress pictured above had to be one of my favorites. I also fell in love with these Balenciaga boots pictured below. Upstairs they had a room solely dedicated to vacationing. Anything you may need for a beach getaway or a ski resort, they have you covered.

A Lesson in Florals

A Lesson in Florals with Nicolette Camille was an amazing class on building dynamic floral arrangements. The venue was filled with her beautiful arrangements from the time you stepped into the building, so I was excited to learn from Nicolette. We learned the importance of building a base for you to work from and about layering the color palette. 

Here are a few tips:

  1. Work on a lazy Susan so that you have a 360 degree view.
  2. Start with your larger branches and stems as the baseline. 
  3. Bring in your more neutral flowers as the foundation. 
  4. Decide where you want you palette to go and gradually add in the different tones. (Place flowers in twos and threes at varying heights to create depth.)
  5. Finish your arrangement with your pop flowers.
Our Mini Bouquet

    Day 2

    Top H&M | Skirt H&M | Heels Cathy Jean (Similar) | Bag Suncoo Paris (Similar)
    Day 3
    Jacket Perry Ellis | Pants H&M | Turtleneck H&M | Tights H&M | Heels Olivia (Similar) | Bag Vintage | Jewerly Vintage

    Happy Birthday Mommy

    Dear Mommy,

    Happy Birthday! May this 63rd year of life be the best one yet! On this day I want to thank you for always being there and instilling in me the values I carry with me each day.

    You have taught me strength. As a single mother and a woman that has been through her fair share of adversity, you always pushed through, put on a smile and made it happen. No matter what you faced you got up each day and made it happen for us. I still remember you coming home when I was in the 12th grade and telling me you got laid off. I immediately thought “OMG, we are going to be homeless.” Mainly because at the time I kept seeing this commercial where a dad lost his job and the family became homeless as a result of it. Despite my convoluted worries, we never went without, the lights never got cut off and you carried on each day as you had before. You never let me see you miss a beat.

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    Foundation Free

    It’s 5 am in Grinnell and I’m late like I’m supposed to be there NOW late. I’m finished getting dressed and the dilemma hits, “Do I spend the extra 15 mins to try and put make-up on my face?” The decision was no. At that point I had to decide whether for the next month if sleep or a “flawless” face was more important. For some this is an easy decision, for some leaving the house without make-up on isn’t a big deal. But that first day it really hit me, I don’t  feel beautiful without my make-up on. Sure I can run to the bodega or the laundromat without make-up, but a full 12 hour day? So I took my month in Iowa to break my dependency on foundation and concealer.


    Last Year with Foundation


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    Nicka K Lip Favorites

    In the last 6 months or so I’ve come across Nicka K cosmetics and I love them. They have a full range of cosmetics but I just want to share a few of my favorite lip products from their line. I love their lip products because they are super pigmented, long lasting and cheap. As a brown girl on a budget, all are a must.


    Nicka K Lip Shine

    I bought this Lip Shine Lip Gloss and didn’t even realize it was Nicka K until I had already bought a few shades. Mainly because it wasn’t with the rest of the Nicka K cosmetics at the beauty supply I bought it from. This lip gloss comes in an array of colors and they are super pigmented. My favorites have to be the chocolate, red berry and tortoise. The chocolate is a clear bown gloss that actually smells like chocolate, I use it as a gloss for my brown lip sticks. The red berry is a highly pigmented red gloss and a perfect addition to any red lip. I add it if I feel my matte’s are getting too dry, it has more of a creme finish than gloss. The tortoise I don’t even use on my lips, it’s actualy a great highlighter for my cheekbones. I have a few other colors as well and they are equally as pigmented.

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    Spring 2017 Trends

    I’m so ready for spring, I’ve already started dreaming about all the clothes I’m going to wear. I wanted to share some of the trends I can’t wait to try: Ruffles, White Shirtdress and Waist Cinchers. Check out each trend below and the items that would be great to pull them off.



    Glamorous Ruffle Print Pants | MissGuided Crepe Ruffle Dress | SJYP Ruffle Trimmed Sweatshirt

    I think all three of these pieces are a great way to wear this trend. Whether you want to go boldly with this trend or ease into it.  Personally my favorite are the pants. Not only is it a great way to wear this trend but they also look like they bring the party with them.

    White Shirt Dress

    White Shirt Dress

    Jealous Tomato Embroidered Shirtdress | Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirtdress | Public School Asymmetric Shirtdress

    White shirtdresses were on the runways from Rag & Bone to Philip Lim. I’ve been wanting a white shirt dress for a while. Now I have another reason to get one. The Jealous Tomato one is a great take on this trend. I love the embroidery and the tie at the waist. Stay tuned for this trend on the blog really soon.

    Waist Cinchers

    waist cinchers

    ASOS T-Shirt Dress with Corset Detail | Style Mafia Corset Top Set | Robert Rodriguez Floral Tie-Waist Corset 

    This is probably the “trendiest” of them all, from season to season you usally see a shirt dress and ruffles. This trend is one that may only be around for a season or two. I definitely plan on taking advantage of it while it’s still “in.” I love that the black t-shirt dress from ASOS has the cincher built into the dress. The corseting on either side create a great shape to this dress.

    This is just a snap shot of the trends for Spring 2017. Which trends are you excted to try this upcoming season?

    Until Next Week