Dear Brown Girl…

Raven Roberts colorism speaker

Dear Brown Girl,

Why are you weeping? Your tears of inadequacies are warranted as the world tells you your skin is too dark, your nose is too wide, your lips are too big and your hair is unruly. You cry for the lack of seeing those who look like you in ads, magazines, movies and television. Your tears are valid and necessary but I am here to tell you, you won’t be crying long. Continue reading “Dear Brown Girl…”


Happy Birthday Daddy!


Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday! May this year be the year you catch the biggest fish you’ve ever caught, laugh more than you did the year before and may you be surrounded by abundant love! On this day I want to thank you for your part in being the woman I am today.

You taught me honesty. No matter the question, your answer has always been honest. You never tried to hide or shield anything from me. Even when I wanted you to say I’m right you can point out when I’m wrong. You’re one to listen first and answer objectively. At any age I could ask you about your life before I was born, aka the one before you became and upstanding citizen lol, and without hesitation you answered truthfully about what you’ve done, how you did, with who and where lol. You’ve always been honest with me and I thank you for that.

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Happy Birthday Mommy

Dear Mommy,

Happy Birthday! May this 63rd year of life be the best one yet! On this day I want to thank you for always being there and instilling in me the values I carry with me each day.

You have taught me strength. As a single mother and a woman that has been through her fair share of adversity, you always pushed through, put on a smile and made it happen. No matter what you faced you got up each day and made it happen for us. I still remember you coming home when I was in the 12th grade and telling me you got laid off. I immediately thought “OMG, we are going to be homeless.” Mainly because at the time I kept seeing this commercial where a dad lost his job and the family became homeless as a result of it. Despite my convoluted worries, we never went without, the lights never got cut off and you carried on each day as you had before. You never let me see you miss a beat.

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A Letter to 2017

Dear 2017,

How have you been this past week? I’ve been great. Nine days ago I was really expecting great things out of you this year. Then I realized something: I shouldn’t put all these expectations on you. I have to make the most out of December 31st just I do January 1st.I’m devoted to me making the most out of you, not you making the most out of me. Ecclesiastes teaches me each day is a gift from God and I have the power to make it great or not. Continue reading “A Letter to 2017”