5 Favorite NYFW Shows – SS18

I went to a lot of shows this season for fashion week and I wanted to recap some of my favorite shows. The shows range from fantasy to fabulous.

Laurence and Chico

The brands designers Laurence Li and Chico Wang delivered an amazing presentation. Their over the top aesthetic from the wigs to the indoor forest floor were no match for the designs themselves. Each element worked together perfectly and emersed you into the world of Laurence and Chico.

Photos via Fashion Week Online

Supima Design CompetitonAlexandra Pijut

The 10th anniversary of the Supima Design Competiton did not disappoint. My favorite designer, Alexandra Pijut was unfortunately not the winner of the competition. But her designs stole my heart with their vintage feel.

Photos via Zimbio

Concept KoreaGreedilous

Greedilous caught my attention at the first look down the runway. The collection featured a vibrant print mixed with bold colors, textures and fringe details. The show closed out with model Maye Musk (last picture).

Photos via Fashion Week Online

Leanne Marshall

One word… EVERYTHING! Leanne Marshall presented a fabulous runway show by color group with some amazing prints mixed in. The models were even more diverse ranging in height, size and skin tone. This is one collection I can look at over and over again.

Photos via Fashion Week Online

John Paul Ataker

John Paul Ataker is my black and white dream closet with a design for any occasion. To close out his show he had supermodel Karlie Kloss. A perfect accent to the clothes were the braided rope belts and the shoes with rope detailing. I have about 6 months to figure out how this black dress will end up in my closet.

Photos via Fashion Week Online

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