by. Chloe

Thursday marked one week since I decided to go vegan. My decision was mainly sparked by a documentary I watched on Netflix, What the Health. There were many compelling studies and facts which concluded that plant based diets are the best for humans. There were a few in particular that resonated with me. I won’t get into them here as I would want you to watch and make your own decision. This documentary coupled with one I watched a few years ago, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, convinced me it was time to make a change.


This past weekend I went to brunch with two of my close friends, Nikki and Farrah, which to my surprise were both going vegan as well. I found out as we were discussing where to eat for brunch. We decided on by. Chloe, a vegan cafe with locations in Williamsburg and Manhattan.


We all decided on the pancakes with blackberries and I had a cherry lemonade. Let’s start with the lemonade it was delicious, just the right amount of tartness. I love a tart lemonade, and I never had cherry lemonade before but I figured it would be a bit tart as most cherry flavored things are tart. I’d definitely suggest it, if they have it when you go. The pancakes were a cornmeal type pancake so I had to get used to the texture. There was also corn pieces in the pancakes which I liked. I think they would have been better if I had eaten them hot but I ended up only eating half of the pancakes.


I think I had in mind a more traditional pancake that was vegan. I’m really big on texture and in the past week I realized it’s something I have to get over with my new dietary restrictions. Overall I loved the atmosphere and will definitely go back to try their other menu items for lunch or dinner. They also have vegan desserts so if for nothing else I’ll be back for those lol.

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