In Residence

This past weekend I have the pleasure of attending the in Residence. It was 4 days of mini discussion on topics from photography to floral arrangements. The location was beautiful home on the Upper Eastside and the event featured some amazing speakers and moderators with light bites and drinks in between. 

Each room was filled fashion, shoes and accessories for men and women. With personal shoppers ready to take any orders. I was in aww of every room and it’s carefully curated selections. The sequin dress pictured above had to be one of my favorites. I also fell in love with these Balenciaga boots pictured below. Upstairs they had a room solely dedicated to vacationing. Anything you may need for a beach getaway or a ski resort, they have you covered.

A Lesson in Florals

A Lesson in Florals with Nicolette Camille was an amazing class on building dynamic floral arrangements. The venue was filled with her beautiful arrangements from the time you stepped into the building, so I was excited to learn from Nicolette. We learned the importance of building a base for you to work from and about layering the color palette. 

Here are a few tips:

  1. Work on a lazy Susan so that you have a 360 degree view.
  2. Start with your larger branches and stems as the baseline. 
  3. Bring in your more neutral flowers as the foundation. 
  4. Decide where you want you palette to go and gradually add in the different tones. (Place flowers in twos and threes at varying heights to create depth.)
  5. Finish your arrangement with your pop flowers.
Our Mini Bouquet

    Day 2

    Top H&M | Skirt H&M | Heels Cathy Jean (Similar) | Bag Suncoo Paris (Similar)
    Day 3
    Jacket Perry Ellis | Pants H&M | Turtleneck H&M | Tights H&M | Heels Olivia (Similar) | Bag Vintage | Jewerly Vintage


    One thought on “ In Residence”

    1. I love fresh flowers and try to pick them up offer from Trader Joe’s. I can never seem to arrange them to look like some effort was put in. I’m going to use the tips, thanks!


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